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Ghost Bustin'

I can't talk about this TOO much yet, but on Tuesday I went into the basement of the post office that was built on the site of the  HH Holmes "Murder Castle" in Englewood with a History Channel crew. I had a recorder running mainly for my own reference, but I couldn't resist leaving it running in the old tunnel that is said to have been a part of the original castle (the end of it definitely goes into the original footprint).  And I got a recording as clear as any 'ghost" recording I've ever heard. I can't say too much yet - it's on a "need to hear" basis. I'm very rarely impressed with ghost evidence; I always tell people that "there's no such thing as GOOD ghost evidence, only COOL ghost evidence." The stuff I got down there was as cool as it gets.

I've been busy with ghost stuff all week. Monday and Tuesday I was filming Holmes stuff for the history channel, and the last two days I was out scouting locations for another one of the ghost shows that emailed me. Today I'm working up some "e single" stuff that'll eventually be used to promote the new ghost book I'm doing for Llewellyn. In between this, I'm doing six or seven tours this week. 

This is my career now, I guess. I still have some novels in the hopper, but the nonfiction projects seem to come into my hands much easier these days. Can one make a living in the ghost hunting field without coming off as either a jackass or a dumbass? We'll see!


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Jun. 22nd, 2012 09:47 pm (UTC)
Good luck! That's pretty darn cool.
Jun. 26th, 2012 05:55 am (UTC)
Very cool. As fantastic as novel writing is, there is something about ghost hunting that seems so much cooler (probably because I'm intimately familiar with the tedium of noveling, and only the cool parts of ghost hunting).
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