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Work work work

Finishing up the last draft of my HH Holmes ebook for Llewellyn, which'll be out October 1, along with ebooks on Devil Babies and Resurrection Mary.  Having trouble getting started this morning, though, so I'll just post here instead. 

On Wednesday I'm going to Des Moines for the Bob Dylan concert and to meet with a magazine that I believe wants me to do a feature. This would be a new one for me, which is just what I need right now. While in town, I'll be recording with my old band from middle school, Scapegoat 95 (i usually add the 95 because we were not the first scapegoat, and certainly were not the last). We write wildly inappropriate music about beating up little kids, traveling through space, and stuff like that. A year or so ago we finally played our first gig; our setlist was "Something Scapegoat This Way Comes," (a shuffle about beating up little kids), "A Pro-Abortion Country Song For Right Wingers" (just as the title implies) and "The Voyage of the Matador (Dance Zirconians Dance)" (a dance tune that you can hear below. It has lots of auto-tune and features Claudia Gray on theremin. 

I will also swing by the east side to visit the naked trike angel statue. Of course.

I feel bad for Iowans these days. Other than a few that were notable enough to make the news, I haven't seen a single commercial for either presidential candidate. The only political ads we get here are for the Walsh/Duckworth congressional race (which is ugly enough). That's it. Iowa has been getting wall to wall ads for the last YEAR. Seeing ads for Walsh is bad enough; at least I didn't have to see ads for Bachmann or Gingrich. 

DId 8 ghost tours last week, may end up doing just as many this week, the rate things are going. 

Buying up some brown blazers lately. Found one I really liked at Nordstrom Rack, but it was 200 bucks, and a guy like me has no business paying that kind of scratch for a suit. So I bought a couple of similar ones at thrift stores for 1.50 and 5.99. One is a really sharp double breasted job with pin stripes AND herringbone - I look like some kind of gangster in it. Posed for a picture in it. The other is more professor-like. Here I am, posing in it with a pipe that Daniel Pinkwater gave me last week (we have the same agent; he sent it with her to give to me while she was in town). Now I look like a sport! Actually, I look as though I have a plan to kill Batman:


This'll go well with my "tenth doctor" coat that I wear in the winter - a good fall equivalent. Fall comes around and I get to put myself back on. I don't mind wearing shorts and t-shirts a few months out of the year, but it's just not ME, you know?


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Aug. 16th, 2012 04:55 pm (UTC)
Dapper. Why don't more people wear clothes that make them look dapper? Nice finds.
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