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new song

"Just Like Big Jake's YA Novel Blues."  I'm playing at Geek Bar Beta on June 15th as a promo for Windycon in November, at which I'm also playing. I'd sort of given up on music, really, so I'm not really sure what kind of set to play. Decided I'd just write up some new stuff and play around on garageband.  I play better on ipad than on any actual instruments. Now I've got a handful of new songs. Some songs are big, Hold Steady / Titus Andronicus-type rockers. Others are a slow beat and some electric piano sounds. One is a Lana Del Rey cover. Not sure if I'm just playing around or if I'll do a whole album or what. It's a fun way to stay occupied between books, but not many people ever get my records or anything.

This one is basically the plot of a book I've been working on; my publisher picked one of my others to do next, though. This might end up being an indie film instead. It's a song for now. Contains my favorite line of any recent project: "If you like John Green, you'll love my hairy ass." Over in the YA world these days marketing departments will compare pretty much anything to John Green. It's like our only hope.

Here's the demo. No actual instruments were harmed.