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New Album!

Hey guys - when I was first on LJ back in 2001, recording music was a big part of my life. One of the first entries I posted was about doing the album cover photo shoot for a record i did in 2001. After I started writing books for a living a few years later I let music fall to the side; I wasn't THAT good at it anyway, and other people named Adam Selzer were doing a lot better, which led to some confusion.

But this year I took one of my book ideas and did it as a rock album instead under the name 82nd Street. After nearly a decade off I found I was singing better than I used to.

The album started hitting places like spotify this week, and I'll be performing an unplugged set from it at Windycon.

All the details on hearing it (and the story it tells) are at 82ndstreetrules.com